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Telling Your Global Story: Learn how to highlight your global experiences to prospective employers

Join us at the Wasserman on November 15th at 12:00 PM for “Telling Your Global Story”.

Study away programs provide students with the incredible opportunity to add an entirely new perspective to both academic and career goals. This event will unveil the strengths of studying away for your career, and how prospective employers view these experiences.

Be sure to follow @NYUWasserman and @NYUWassEmployer on Twitter for real-time updates, advice, and interesting facts during the event. Whether you are in attendance, or at home, it’s a “must see” and “must read” event for anyone with a study away experience under his or her belt, or on the horizon.

Meet other students with study away experience, ask questions to the Wasserman staff, and learn more about how NYU students are making the most of their semesters across the globe. As NYU continues to define itself as a Global Network University, studying away is at the heart of this amazing global community.

Stop on by and ask some questions. It’s lined up to be a great event! And remember to follow @NYUWasserman and @NYUWassEmployer  from 12-1pm on Thursday for Tweets from the event.”

Meet the Global Peers: Florence

Harneet Kaur Finance & Economics, NYU Stern School of Business, Class of 2014
Who is your celebrity hero and why?
My celebrity hero would be an Indian (Bollywood) movie actress – Preity Zinta. In addition to being an amazing and successful actress in some of Bollywood’s greatest movies, she owns an Indian sports team, attended classes in Harvard Business School, and is further involved in numerous charitable organizations specifically supporting womens’ rights in India.
What’s your best piece of resume advice?
Be specific. Make sure you actually relate your skills and experience to the job you are applying for and try to do this for every single application you send out. It is sometimes easy to create a generic resume, but those specific/relevant points may be what makes your resume stand out compared to the rest!
What is your favorite memory from your study away experience thus far?
My favorite experience from study abroad (so far) has to be my day trip to Rome. From the Vatican Museum, to the Spanish steps, and the Trevi Fountain at night, Rome is breathtaking. Not only is every monument a work of art, but a piece of history interconnected with the rest of the city and Italy itself. A day was definitely not enough, so I will definitely be visiting there again soon!