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What the job search is like….after college.

So you just graduated from college…


Now its time to find a job.

You feel confident…even though you hear the job market is rough.

(Hey, U.S. Labor Markets indicate an increase in employment.)

So, you hunker down and start searching.

But, you quickly learn entry level loosely translates to 1-3 years of experience.

And, although a Bachelor’s degree is required, a Master’s degree is what’s really preferred.

But! You have internships and part-time jobs to boast…and that questionable summer spent as a “Sandwich Artist”.

After weeding out all the “Kid Kamp Instructors” and the “Pool Guards,” you sit down to write your resume.

Finally, you finish your resume….but, now you have to write your cover letter and explain why you want to work there.

You finish, and finally hit submit on your application.

So you wait…

And you wait…

And you wait.

But, its been like, forever, and you haven’t heard anything back.

You send out more resumes…

More cover letters.

You do all you can think!

You start to get a little testy…

Maybe a little sad.

You can’t stand the thought of one more rejection.

When friends tell you about their new job, this is how you react.

And you seem a little on edge when friends and family ask you how you’re doing.

You even start to lash out a bit (like that time your mom told you dinner was ready).


You wait some more…but still nothing.

You feel like you are beginning to lose all hope…

and you don’t know what to do anymore.

Then, you remember. Ahh, yes…the Wasserman Center.

You see a little glimmer of hope.

They have job postings.

They have counselors to help you improve your resumes and cover letters.

They have seminars to help build your professionals skills and to help you ace that interview.

They have a network of professionals willing to help you.

They have the full social media works – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WasserTube, and more – to keep you constantly informed.

There is even an Alumni Listserv just for you!

Most importantly, we are here to help you succeed.

So, even if it gets tough out there.

And you feel like giving up.

You have the Wasserman Center.

And, somehow, we know its going to be alright.

How to avoid a future like Lena Dunham’s character on ‘Girls’

In the HBO series ‘Girls’ Lena Dunham’s character, Hannah, finds herself at a crossroads when she fails to her turn her internship into a job after a year of working there… for free.

How do we college students avoid having to move back to our parent’s house, work at local restaurants and default on our student loans?

Below are a few tips to get you at least a little closer to a job offer letter.

Be Proactive:

Nearly every article, employer and advice columnist urges interns to do this. It is essential that employers see you really showing what you are made of.  If you finish your tasks don’t log on to Facebook or Twitter, ask for more work, reach out to other employees and asks them questions. Use your time there as the ultimate learning resource. Show your employers what kind of employee you’d be, believe it or not they are watching.

Speak Up:

Terry Pile at Fox News wrote a great article on how to get hired after an internship. Perhaps the most interesting piece of advice was to not be shy about expressing your goals and wants. Too often, especially among women, we feel that we shouldn’t speak up for whatever irrational fears we may have. This is doing a serious disservice to yourself and your career.

Pay Attention to Office Culture:

Often times getting hired has a lot to do with that dread “N” word- Networking. But paying attention the daily interactions and practices of the office can help. By adapting to the culture you make it easier for the staff to bond with you and really see you as part of the team.