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Medical and Dental School Interviewing Workshop

As some of your Class of 2014 classmates can attest, some Medical Schools have started to interview applicants, and will continue to do so through April. The Medical School interview process might seem intimidating, but there are definitely things you can do now to prepare:

1. Do your research ahead of time. The good news is that most of the interview questions will be all about a subject that you’re an expert on: yourself! Make sure you’re able to speak about everything on your application, resume and transcript, and that you know how you want to market yourself in the interview. Make sure you have also researched the school and the specific program.

2. Practice your interviewing skills. Schedule a one-on-one 30 minute counseling appointment with a Wasserman Career Counselor to do a mock-interview. This can be a great way to get feedback on your interview techniques before you’re in front of Admissions staff.

3. Attend the Medical and Dental School Interview Workshop on September 23rd at 5pm at the Wasserman Center. RSVP on NYU CareerNet. In this workshop, students will learn and practice interview strategies that will help you ace the medical and dental school interview. This workshop will be led by Preprofessional Advisors, Career Counselors, and current medical students who very recently navigated the process. They will give you suggestions and tips for how to tailor yourself and speak confidently about your experiences in a way that will leave a lasting impression on admissions committees. You will also have the chance to watch and participate in mock-interviews that will help you hone your skills.

Careers in Healthcare

In case you missed it, Careers in Healthcare hosted by North Shore LIJ Health System and the NYU Wasserman Center @ SCPS are bringing you industry insights to help you navigate your career in healthcare.

Did you know that North Shore LIJ Health System is the nation’s 3rd largest integrated healthcare network, based on net patient revenue and the largest in NY State?

●      They have 16 medical facilities and their locations include Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island.

●      Ranked in Diversity Inc as 7th in Top Ten Companies for Veteran’s according to and ranked 9th in the Top Ten Hospital Systems

Did you know that North Shore LIJ has all types of positions available in healthcare?

●      Clinical and non-clinical professionals (nurses, doctors, technicians, analysts)

●      Internships/Fellowships

●      Clinical Professionals

●      Allied Health

●      Corporate

Did you know that the recruitment cycle varies depending on the career path?

·       Make sure that you check for openings in your desired career field and apply ASAP!

·       For example, in finance the recruitment cycle is year round since it is a growing area within the health system.

·       Click here to take you to NSLIJ’s careers page for job openings.

Did you know that NSLIJ is federally funded and a “human” reviews every application?

·       By creating job alerts it will give you a better chance of being considered if you apply early on in the process! If your resume is #5 as opposed to #105 it will make a difference. Word to the wise: only apply to positions you are qualified for!

Did you know that your personal brand is critical?

·       Quantifying statements in your resume demonstrates success with your experience.  Key skills that should be highlighted in your resume should include customer service, integrity, leadership, teamwork and technical skills.

·       Wear formal business attire always to an interview in healthcare.

·       Linkedin is the most preferred form of social media in the healthcare professional setting.

Did you know that NSLIJ has Military and Veteran’s Employment Programs?  

·       Bernadette Ann Fackovec is a Specialist for Military Programs at NSLIJ Center for Workforce Readiness, and is focused on furthering the health system’s mission to increase veteran outreach.

·       Click here for more information.

Schedule an appointment on NYU CareerNet to meet with a career counselor and work on your career strategy today!