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The Wisdom of the Humanities: Meaningful Lives and Successful Careers

What values and skills do we carry with us out of classroom into the world, and how can we use them to navigate the choices we face in our personal and public lives?  Wisdom of the Humanities is an annual conversation that offers practical and personal advice on developing your interests and skills in the humanities to achieve success, both within and beyond the workplace.  Sponsored by the Humanities Initiative and the Center for the Study of Transformative Lives, the first Wisdom event was held in  March 2012  and is available for viewing here.  It featured five accomplished women and men of different ages, describing the paths they took after college to build successful careers in a range of professional fields: publishing, management consulting, filmmaking, banking, and public service.

This year, we’ll have an informal conversation, hosted by the Wasserman Center for Career Development, about the experience of Strauss Zelnick, President and Founder of Zelnick Media, in building a meaningful life.  Students will learn first-hand about how Zelnick defines success, and the goals and skills by which he strives to achieve it.  As an undergraduate at Wesleyan University, Strauss majored in English and Psychology, and went on to learn management and law degrees at Harvard University.  Before founding Zelnick Media, Zelnick was CEO and President of three major  entertainment companies, including  BMG Entertainment, Crystal Dynamics, and 20th Century Fox.  He is the author of Success: A Concise Guide to Having the Life You Want (2011):

“When I talk to people about their careers, I often pose the question: “What factor is most highly correlated with success?” The answers I generally hear include: intelligence, education, competence, ambition, perseverance, talent, passion and luck…In my case, I’m often asked how my own professional success came about…Over the years, as my career and interests have evolved, I’ve taken the time to change my goals accordingly, as well as to include personal ones. Knowing what I want and focusing on it has helped me largely to achieve it…The most important thing you can do to achieve the success you desire is to discover your ambition, narrow its scope with as great a degree of specificity as possible, emblazon it on your consciousness and revisit it daily.”


Please join us on Wednesday, April 3, at 5:30 at the Wasserman Center for Career Development.  To RSVP, click here.

We’ll be updating and live-tweeting about the event, so please follow us @NYUHumanities!

Thomas Augst
Associate Director, The Humanities Initiative at New York University
Associate Professor of English


Philip Kunhardt
Director, Center for the Study of Transformative Lives
Distinguished Scholar in Residence in the Humanities at New York University