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The Job Search for Seasoned Professionals

Date/Time: Thursday, July 10th, 2014 | 6-7:30 PM

Location: Wasserman Center for Career Development, Presentation Room B

Thinking about changing jobs?  Getting back into the labor market and don’t know where to start? If you feel like you have great skills at your job, but not at job search, then we have the workshop for you. Join Steven Greenberg, CBS radio anchor of “Your Next Job” and expert on job search, who will discuss a new approach to getting hired in today’s competitive market.    The talk will focus on experienced jobseekers, who often face additional obstacles.   Steven will discuss how to combat the hidden bias against older candidates and offer concrete tools and strategies for enhancing your job search. There are new rules for success in today’s labor market, and Steven will help you develop a successful job search strategy.

Speaker Details:

Steven Greenberg is the creator and anchor of the CBS Radio news program “Your Next Job”.  His features air 15 times each week on WCBS 880 in New York, and on other CBS radio news stations. He has written popular articles about job search for Forbes.com and CNN Money.com,  and his job board for jobseekers over 40 has been profiled on NPR’s All Things Considered.   He is also the founder of a recruiting firm and a temp agency.   He was general counsel and HR manager for one of the most successful toy manufacturers in the US.  He is an attorney who practiced at two highly prominent law firms in NY – Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft  and Chadbourne Parke. He lives in Westport, CT with his wife and four sons.


For degreed NYU alumni and current students, please register through your NYU CareerNet account (click on the menu tab Events, then Seminars) to reserve a seat. If you do not have an account, please contact our reception desk at: 212.998.4730. Space is limited.

Industry Insights: Careers in Human Resources

Tingting Zhou, a Master’s candidate in the Human Reource Management and Development Program at NYU who is expecting to graduate May 2015, and Ross Brand, a Master’s candidate in the Human Resource and Development Program at NYU who is expecting to graduate May 2014, both attended Industry Insights: Careers in Human Resources on Friday March 28th.  The NYU Wasserman Center@SCPS hosted a panel featuring Slyne Louissaint, Real Hospitality, Tim Collins, IBM, Annmarie Payne, Blue Engine, Jeanelle Degraffenreid, First Protocol, and Christina Caruso, Tommy. They are from different industries such as hospitality, fashion, IT (IBM), non-profit, and event services.

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Here are six valuable tips shared by the panelists:

1. Know your business and brand

As an HR professional, it is critical to know your business. HR professionals are the first point of contact at their organizations and serve as examples for other employees. You need to be conscious of your role in protecting and maintaining the brand by how you conduct yourself and your knowledge of the company. Know the business, its financials and its competitors. Be able to speak the language and utilize the terminology that people in your business and industry employ.

2. Data is your friend

More firms are leveraging HR predictive analytics to obtain insights on which candidates to hire, how to identify the factors contributing to successful employee performance and what measures are more likely to retain key talent. Analytics is all about data. Excel skills are essential for carrying out many HR roles. HR professionals can stand out from their peers by understanding how to use Excel (macros, pivot tables), learning about workforce analytics and predictive analytics, and knowing how to talk about financial information.

3. Pick the right industry for you

HR professionals increase their chances for success when they find organizations and industries that fit their personalities. The panelists agreed on the importance of being knowledgeable about the industry in which you want to work and having a hunger to learn more about that industry. It is critical both to research different industries when searching for a new opportunity and know yourself. Jeanelle Degraffenreid mentioned conducting informational interviews to learn from professionals in your preferred industry.  Slyne Louissant added that if you have experience in another industry and want to switch, be open to trying new things and focus on your transferable skills.  You can think about your past experiences and highlight those that apply in your current search.  Finally, don’t forget to ask questions in interviews. While the interviewer is trying to find out if you are the right fit for the organization, you have every right to determine if the company and department will be a good place for you. For example, are you more comfortable carrying out tasks individually or working on a team? Use the opportunity to ask questions in an interview to gain valuable insights on what it is like to work at that organization.

4. Network, network and network

Some panelists believe 90% of jobs come from networking. Apart from LinkedIn, Tim Collins also recommended Twitter as a great tool for learning from, and interacting with, professionals in your industry. Read articles from publications such as Harvard Business Review posted by respected professionals and industry leaders you follow. Join Twitter Chats such as #TChat (Talent Culture Chat), which focuses on talent. Collins also shared a program at IBM called Social HR to illustrate the point that even the most conservative organizations are seeing value in going social and that social media is another area in which aspiring HR practitioners can contribute to their organizations. Christina Caruso recommended being authentic in social media and in your online brand while also being careful with what you share.  Annmarie Payne added that you should know what you have accomplished and come up with three things to brand yourself.  This will leave a positive impression on the people with whom you are networking.

5. Think outside the box

While everyone knows the importance of developing LinkedIn contacts and applying to jobs through company websites, creative people have landed jobs by visiting the company and even interacting directly with the CEO. Of course you will have to do sufficient research on the company and industry before implementing such creative job search tactics. Some panelists believe the paper resume is dying and that your online brand is becoming more important. Many applicants are also sending video resumes to HR. Candidates, who are good on camera, can engage the audience with more impact on video than on a paper resume. Nonetheless, it is still critical to have a paper resume that is appropriate for your target industry and free of grammatical errors and other typos. A splash of color may work well on a resume for a firm in a creative industry, but it might be a turnoff in a more traditional organization. All the HR professionals agree it is the time for jobs to chase candidates rather than candidates chasing jobs.

6. Look beyond traditional HR specialties

Compensation and Recruiting are fine career choices, but you can find opportunities to make a name for yourself and advance your career by contributing in such areas as Global Mobility, Diversity, Analytics and HR Technology. Panelists also recommended obtaining HR certifications.

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Organizing For Action

Purti Pareek, NYU sophomore, talks about her experience as a Fellow at Organizing for Action.

Because of my time as a Fall Fellow at Organizing for Action (OFA), I honed my knowledge of different public policies such as the Affordable Care Act and Comprehensive Immigration Reform and the roadblocks that exist between these policies and getting them passed. I gained important skill sets, which are necessary in order for me to become an effective grassroots organizer. I am forever grateful for OFA because of the different people I met: all of different ages and from different backgrounds. It was refreshing to be working with people that had an interest in the same things as I did but could provide a different perspective on them. OFA provided me with an invaluable experience because it opened doors through which I could further explore my professional interests and support my personal interests. So if you are interested in things like organizing, public policy, and anything in between, definitely apply to be a Spring Fellow and you will not regret it!

Spring Fellowship Opportunity with Organizing for Action

Organizing for Action is a nonprofit grassroots organization established to advance the agenda Americans voted for in 2012.  We are dedicated to empowering individuals to make their voices heard in the fight for progress on our nation’s most pressing issues: comprehensive immigration reform, health reform, gun violence prevention, climate change, marriage equality, equal rights, and building a stronger middle class. Fellows can expect to learn best practices in the areas of community organizing, media relations, and grassroots fundraising. Apply by emailing Spring Trainer, Nina Iventosch at niventosch@barackobama.com or call 917-580-2377.

In Case You Missed It: Day in the Life at TransPerfect

Did you miss Gaby’s Day in the Life as a Project Coordinator with TransPerfect? If so, click on the link below for a recap.

Sound like a place you’d like to work or intern? Learn more on November 6th, at the TransPerfect info session from 3-5pm at Wasserman. Apply on NYU CareerNet for a Project Coordinator position (Job ID 908030).

Expedia: A Global Company

Information Session: Tuesday, October 30th @ 5:00pm-6:30pm
NYU-SCPS Building, 7 East 12th Street, 3rd Floor, Room 321
Apply for the Revenue Specialist (Job ID: 870538) &
Revenue Specialist Intern (Job ID: 870539)
RSVP & Apply on NYU CareerNet!

A little bit about our company:

We are the leading global travel company with brands such as Expedia.com, Hotels.com and Hotwire.
Our Mission is “to revolutionize travel through the power of technology”.
30 Localized websites and outreach to 70 countries worldwide and growing!
We have 11,000 employees worldwide in more than 50 offices worldwide.

More about what we do:

Expedia, Inc. brands cover virtually every aspect of researching, planning, and booking travel, from choosing the best airplane seat, to reading personal travel reviews of hotels, to planning what to do in a destination once you arrive. The Expedia, Inc. portfolio serves both leisure and business travelers with tastes and budgets ranging from modest to luxury. Expedia delivers consumer travel demand from nearly every continent to nearly 155,000 hotels and hundreds of airlines, tour operators, car rental companies and destination services supply partners.



Get to know some team members:

Scott Redding

“Hi there!  My name is Scott Redding and I am a Revenue Specialist in the New York City market. I graduated from Penn State University in 2006 and have worked in several facets in hotel operations during my career. Outside of work, I have an affinity for travel and the hospitality industry; from a great bar or restaurant to planning a vacation somewhere around the globe, I love it all.  Expedia has an extremely global focus in regards to careers and travel, which peaked my interest when I was considering a new path in the industry. My hospitality career has taken me through a few unique cities around the U.S. and I am ecstatic that it brought me to NYC with Expedia.  The opportunity to grow & travel with this company has motivated me in so many ways.  I’d love to chat with you about our teams in 50 offices around the world!”

Debra Stock

“Hi! My name is Debra Stock and I’m currently an Expedia Market Manager in New York City. It became clear to me that I wanted to work for a global company when I was an intern for Expedia in Dallas the summer after my junior year in college. When I graduated from Cornell University in 2010, I moved to Washington DC to work with the hotels on behalf of the Expedia brands.  About a year and a half ago I moved to New York City to work with hotels in Manhattan.  Expedia has such a significant global presence which allows my team to bring customers from all over the world to the hotels in NYC.  I help put together strategies to stimulate international business and work with Expedia teams around the globe. I’m looking forward to visiting the Expedia offices in Paris and Shanghai next year! I’d love to meet you and tell you a bit more about what I do!”