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How to Tuesday: Adventures in OCR Interviews

There are two ways to show up for an On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) interview: calm, cool, and collected or panting, sweaty and flustered.  You’re going to be nervous either way, so let’s go over three easy ways to make sure you are looking and acting like yourself, not the stressed out and overheated version.

First, do a dry run to the Wasserman Center.  However long it takes you, add 20 minutes on interview day.  That way you will arrive with time to spare and you can enjoy our free coffee!

Second, try on your suit a week or two before your interview date. By doing so, you’ll know whether you need to get it dry cleaned, tailored, or if you need a new one all together.

Third, research the organization and position.  The more you know, the more comfortable and knowledgeable you will be in your interview.

Good luck!  Remember, the company is already interested in you because you’ve been invited to interview!

Follow Up Friday: Career Fairs, Interviews, and Diversity – OH MY!

We definitely kicked the semester into high gear this week. We managed to find the time to stop our heads from spinning to give you an inside look at what’s going on at the Wasserman Center.

Diversity Breakfast On Wednesday, the DICP program wrapped up its spring events with the annual Diversity Breakfast. Roughly 50 students attended and took the opportunity to interact with a wide array of employers, including City Year, Ernst &Young, Deloitte, BlackRock and many more wonderful organizations. It was a great way for students to learn about different opportunities and meet new people in a casual atmosphere.  Thanks to all students and employers who participated!

Spring Job & Internship Fair                                                                                   Over 100 employers flooded the Kimmel Center on Thursday for the Spring Job + Internship Fair. Students had an opportunity to explore job and internship opportunities unique companies including Apple, Christie’s, Dyson, idelli, Lincoln Center, Mars, McGraw-Hill, the Scripps Network, and UNIQLO, among others. Joining us from our Employer Partners were BlackRock, Citi, City Year, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Macy’s, Morgan Stanley, Peace Corps, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Prudential, and Teach for America.

OCR Interviews The highly anticipated Spring 2012 On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) season began Wednesday, February 1st. During the first week of recruitment employers interviewed over 850 students in 3 days. The 17 different companies holding interviews included Barclay’s Capital, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, UBS, Wells Fargo, Guggenheim Partners, and Nomura. In addition, with 6 information sessions serving hundreds of students each, and Recruiter-in-Residence informational interviews with companies such as Deloitte and the Central Intelligence Agency, the Wasserman Center strives to support the limitless potential of our students.

Attire for Successful Hire Sponsored by  Macy’s A few NYU students made their Wasserman Center modeling debut at this year’s Attire for Successful Hire. With Macy’s and our Peer Educators, we were able to discuss the do’s and dont’s of professional fashion. Remember, just because it’s in style doesn’t mean it’s in style for work!

@NYUWassEmployer Launch  Did you ever wonder what a typical day  is like at the job of your dreams? Since the Wasserman Center is so hip (yes, hip) with social media, we’ve added a new Twitter handle to help give you an inside look at different companies! Follow us at @NYUWassEmployer to see what’s going on at organizations like Macy’s, Nielsen, and MORE! Once a week a different employer will tweet his/her day in the life – find out if these jobs are for you by following along.

This week, we had City Year tweeting their day. Check out a recap that shows what it’s like to work in NYC’s public schools!

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What Now, Wasserman: What’s your conflict?

We’re here to answer YOUR questions for career-related issues you encounter. Feel free to contact us with any questions and get featured in What Now, Wasserman!

“Help! I was asked in an interview to describe a previous conflict I’ve had at work and how I resolved it. I don’t know what to say. What now, Wasserman?”                                                                                                                             – Conflicted in Palladium

First, congratulations on the interview! As for questions like the one above, stay calm and use this as an opportunity to highlight your exceptional problem solving skills. You should always be prepared for questions where they want you to explain a difficult situation you encountered in a workplace so they can see how you handle yourself. Make sure to have an answer prepared that does not require a long explanation of the circumstances. Keep the details about the situation brief and instead expand more on how you solved the conflict. Good examples to use are situations where you were able to compromise with a coworker you disagreed with or a time when you were able to diffuse a high stress situation so that the work could be completed on time. Stress your strengths and focus on your ability to stay clear-headed in a conflict. Do not say that you have never had a conflict at work. Employers know there will always be conflicts – they just want to ensure they can depend on you to handle it calmly and professionally. So prepare your responses ahead of time, work on examples that best highlight your skills, and wow those interviewers with your brilliant conflict resolutions!


WasserWord of the Week: Interview

in·ter·view/ˈintərˌvyo͞o/                                                                                                          A meeting of people face to face, esp. for consultation.

-He interviewed for an Editorial position yesterday, and it went well. Yay!

-He forgot to brush his teeth before his interview. Eek.

Overheard at Wass: Cut (out) the Tension

On-Campus Recruitment is in full swing! Many of our juniors and seniors are breaking out their business suits and chugging coffee as they await their interview. Here’s how we can tell it’s officially recruitment season!


student 1: “wow its really tense over here”

student 2: “ya you can really cut it.”

student 3: “with a knife.”


We know this is a stressful time of year, but try to focus and relax before your interviews! You want employers to see you calm, cool, and collected. Focus on something pleasant. Like this puppy.  He really wants you to do well!  Don’t let him down!

Best of luck to all our students with interviews! We’re here to help if you need anything.

WasserWord of the Week: Professionalism

pro·fes·sion·al·ism  /prəˈfeSHənlˌizəm/

The competence or skill expected of a professional

– The key to quality and efficiency is professionalism

Professionalism means you do not show up for an interview in a fairy costume