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Law School 101 Tomorrow Night

Come hear an overview of services and resources for pre-law students. Get advice on becoming a competitive applicant for law school and learn strategies for connecting with mentors. Tips for finding part-time jobs and internships in law and related fields will also be discussed.The event takes place Wednesday, March 5th at 5:00pm at The Wasserman Center. RSVP here.

Meet the panelists:

Kathryn Espiritu, Director of Admissions, Fordham Law
Lesley Stumphauzer, Campus Recruiter, Freshfields (International Law Firm)
Kenneth Beehler, Attorney and CAS Alum, LeClairRyan
Terron Ferguson, Current Law Student, NYU Law
Ethan Weber, Product Manager-Institutional Programs Kaplan

Test Prep Tips: LSAT

Hoping to become a future lawyer?

It all starts with a good test score.

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Unlike other admission tests, the LSAT is designed to both measure and project your ability to do well in Law School. Because of its unique format, it is essential to familiarize yourself with its format and the type of questions that will be asked.

Here are some tips to excel on the LSAT exam:

Practice everyday: Even if you are busy with school, 2 jobs and extracurricular activities, it is extremely important to practice at least one new section every day and to take an occasion quiz or practice exam.

Practice…and then analyze: When it comes to the LSAT, practice doesn’t make perfect. You must be able to understand the questions and the formatting of the exams. Spend a couple of minutes looking closely at the questions you have gotten wrong and how you could have gotten the right question.

Think critically and visualize: The LSAT tests your ability to reason and to think critically. However, don’t keep everything in your head. Draw pictures, diagrams, graphs, whatever you need to do in order to flex your logic. You must be able to understand complex hypothetical relationships between multiple objects and be able to express that relationship.

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