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LinkedIn is the Must-Use Digital Career Tool

LinkedIn is the online social network created strictly for professionals.  Yesterday, Rachel Frint of the NYU Wasserman Center @ SCPS hosted a Leveraging LinkedIn Webinar to discuss ways to enhance your profile, expand your professional network, and empower your career.  In case you missed it, here are some tips and tricks for using this online social platform.

5 Profile Must-Haves:

  1. Have a professional Profile Picture. A headshot with a solid background works well. Be sure to check out NYU Wasserman Social Media Week for our LinkedIn Photo Booth!

  1. Create a customized, Professional Headline that is enticing and accurately describes who you are as a student and/or professional. This 120-character description is the only customizable information that someone will see when you appear in a search.

  1. Write a Professional Summary.  It should be short, concise, and targeted.  Share information that describes your skills, areas of expertise, and the value you can provide to the employer. Use keywords and phrases that appeal to professionals in your industry, and leave people curious and wanting to learn more about you!

  1. List Skills & Expertise.  Identify skills that sell your unique brand. This section can help you to avoid including overused buzzwords (i.e. Team Player, Problem Solver). This is also the place to include technical and language skills.

  1. Use keywords and phrases that relate to your career goals and areas of interest. Review LinkedIn profiles of others in your field for industry-specific buzzwords that you may consider including in your own profile.

5 Tips to Expand Your Professional Network on LinkedIn

  1. Invite people you already know.  This can include family, friends, professors, current and past colleagues, and other NYU students. This is a great first step to expand your connections.

  1. Customize your LinkedIn invite messages: Think quality instead of quantity when connecting to others. Never use the default request; “I’d like to add you to my professional network.” Instead, explicitly share how you are connected and why you are reaching out to that person.

  1. Join groups and participate in discussions.  Here you will be able to share your expertise and connect with other professionals in your field.  The first group you should join is the NYU Wasserman Center Student and Alumni Career Connections.

  1. Follow companies that interest you. Company LinkedIn pages list current news, available jobs, and you will be able to see if you are personally connected to anyone who already works for this employer.

  1. Use LinkedIn Alumni to further build your network: Visit linkedin.com/college/alumni to see what alumni in your field have accomplished since graduation and expand your sense of what’s possible for you. Find mentoring opportunities since your fellow alumni are often are ready to help.

Next Steps

Careers in Healthcare

In case you missed it, Careers in Healthcare hosted by North Shore LIJ Health System and the NYU Wasserman Center @ SCPS are bringing you industry insights to help you navigate your career in healthcare.

Did you know that North Shore LIJ Health System is the nation’s 3rd largest integrated healthcare network, based on net patient revenue and the largest in NY State?

●      They have 16 medical facilities and their locations include Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island.

●      Ranked in Diversity Inc as 7th in Top Ten Companies for Veteran’s according to and ranked 9th in the Top Ten Hospital Systems

Did you know that North Shore LIJ has all types of positions available in healthcare?

●      Clinical and non-clinical professionals (nurses, doctors, technicians, analysts)

●      Internships/Fellowships

●      Clinical Professionals

●      Allied Health

●      Corporate

Did you know that the recruitment cycle varies depending on the career path?

·       Make sure that you check for openings in your desired career field and apply ASAP!

·       For example, in finance the recruitment cycle is year round since it is a growing area within the health system.

·       Click here to take you to NSLIJ’s careers page for job openings.

Did you know that NSLIJ is federally funded and a “human” reviews every application?

·       By creating job alerts it will give you a better chance of being considered if you apply early on in the process! If your resume is #5 as opposed to #105 it will make a difference. Word to the wise: only apply to positions you are qualified for!

Did you know that your personal brand is critical?

·       Quantifying statements in your resume demonstrates success with your experience.  Key skills that should be highlighted in your resume should include customer service, integrity, leadership, teamwork and technical skills.

·       Wear formal business attire always to an interview in healthcare.

·       Linkedin is the most preferred form of social media in the healthcare professional setting.

Did you know that NSLIJ has Military and Veteran’s Employment Programs?  

·       Bernadette Ann Fackovec is a Specialist for Military Programs at NSLIJ Center for Workforce Readiness, and is focused on furthering the health system’s mission to increase veteran outreach.

·       Click here for more information.

Schedule an appointment on NYU CareerNet to meet with a career counselor and work on your career strategy today!