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Guest Blog: Primary Wave Music Publishing

Fresh out of Quinnipiac University, I found myself looking for a job position in the music business and stumbled upon a internship listing for a company called, Primary Wave Music. I applied and received a position as an A&R intern. I can confidently say this position has ultimately helped me to shape and define a successful future within the music industry. I worked with top industry professionals  who have all worked management positions at established labels such as Sony Music, Universal and Warner Music Group.

Under these mentor’s supervision, I was given assignments that were instrumental into the success of the whole company. Assignments ranged anywhere from working with artists to design their promotional posters and one sheets, to creating e-mail campaigns for industry officials. I also was able to attend company meetings (which usually interns never have the luxury to do) and go to artists showcases. It was a very refreshing experience seeing as I didn’t feel like a normal intern being constantly sent out for coffee.

I also found the other interns working at Primary Wave to be helpful and just as much a pleasure to work with as the staff! Any intern position within the company also offers tons of networking opportunities, which is necessary to do well in a business as tight-knit as the music industry. Ultimately, you are in charge of your success at Primary Wave, but it is the perfect place to hit the ground running if you are looking to make your mark in the music industry! Good luck!

-Mara Y.

Interested in working at Primary Wave Music? They are currently hiring! Apply by searching for NYU CareerNet Postings Electronic Dance Music Intern 890177 & Royalties and Acquisition Intern 890252