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Participate in Universum’s Ideal Employer Research

Just two weeks left to voice your opinions about top employers on campus!


New York University has received an exclusive invitation for its students to participate in a study about the career goals, expectations and ideal employers of top college students. Your response, while anonymous, will assist over 1,200 employers who are actively recruiting or who are interested in recruiting students for internships and full time employment on our campus.


Participation in the study is by invitation only and fewer than 10% of universities nationwide are asked to participate in the study.


Top companies, including many that recruit New York University students, base their recruiting strategies on Universum’s research so it will truly benefit you and your peers on campus to share your opinions on recruiting and employers. Companies will only see the collective results, and your participation/identity will be kept confidential.

By completing this 10-15 minute survey, you will help to increase the visibility and marketability of NYU students to employers who recruit our students. It also helps our career center better understand what you are looking for in a career because Universum provides us with a detailed report.  Don’t worry though, your individual responses will be kept anonymous and no personal information will be collected.

In appreciation for your time you will receive two free WetFeet Insider Guides of your choice (over 50 titles to choose from), access to a library of career webinars and $25 off your next flight among other incentives.

All respondents are also entered into the Universum 2013 Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $1,500 Scholarship.

Take the survey now at:

Deadline: March 23rd