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Guest Blog Post by ActionCam Founder: Karen Bhatia

Why would a Wall Street lawyer leave the law to build ActionCam, a tech start-up striving for social change? I ask, “Why not?”
ActionCam (www.iconnectworlds.com) is building an app that provides digests of trending public policy issues and real action steps the public can take in addressing them. Have you ever read the news and wondered “What can I do to help?” We help answer that. Our mission is to revolutionize the way we learn about our world and to empower collective action to solve our toughest problems.
As an attorney, I helped companies solve their toughest problems – representing them in litigations and also helping them raise hundreds of millions of dollars in capital and restructure billions of dollars of debt. I learned a lot from practicing law and from the incredibly smart team I worked with. But my public policy background always crept in and I was most fulfilled while working on issues of affordable housing, tribal economic development, empowering street children in Latin America, education, immigration, homelessness and anti-corruption. Brainstorming ways to apply business principles in developing innovative strategies for social change, I couldn’t escape the incredible impact of technology – mobile devices and the internet – in connecting people and resources all over the world. Building on crowdfunding and crowd-petitions, what would happen if the crowd learned about policy issues from one another and suggested ways in which the public could help solve our toughest global problems? ActionCam was born.
Here at ActionCam we strive to achieve the three P’s – Purpose, People, Passion. Purpose – working on something we really believe in. People – working with awesome people that we respect, that we can learn from and that we have a blast with. Finally, Passion – working on something that inspires us to work hard, think creatively and take initiative.
This is why I left practicing law and founded ActionCam.
Come join our movement.
Meet ActionCam at the NYU Start-Up Career Fair taking place at NYU Poly on April 11th from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM!To RSVP, click here!