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What Does a Perfect Storm and The Best Job for the Future Have in Common?

Earlier this year, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics published their Top Ten List of Best Jobs for the Future.  Ranking #2 on the list was financial advisor with a projected 10-year growth rate of 27%–almost 3 times the job growth rate of all occupations.

So, why is financial advisor ranked so high?  Well, it’s actually a perfect storm of demographics, institutional change and consumer need.  First, the average age of a financial advisor in the industry today is 57 so if you fast-forward 10 years with retirements, practice mergers & acquisitions and death, the gap needed to fill all these vacancies is over 237,000.

Also people are living longer – the life expectancy of someone in the U.S. is 79 years old.  Now compare that to the life expectancy of someone who lived in 1900 – only 43.  So with medical advances and standard of living improvements people now get two lives when they used to get one!  Or, to view it another way, according to the US Census, the number of Americans aged 65 and older is projected to double by 2050.

The second part of this perfect storm is institutional change.  Back in the day, retirement savings was essentially taken care of from your company, government, and/or union.  Things are different now and Gen Y knows that all the ‘heavy lifting’ for living a comfortable lifestyle in retirement rests on their shoulders – there are no defined benefit plans and Social Security will run dry. And depending on how you look at it, living longer could have its drawbacks if there was not a disciplined approach to retirement planning.  The reality is ‘retirement’, how anyone defines it, can last 30+ years.

Finally, consumer need for sound financial advice from a professional has become more prevalent than ever before.  The multitude of choices, product complexities, lack of time for ‘doing-it-yourself’, and recent market crashes like that of 2008 brings great demand for help.  Consumers want to sit down with someone who can educate them on what’s out there to take care of their needs so they can make smarter financial decisions.  And according to a recent report by LIMRA, 78% of Americans surveyed aged 25-44 do not have a financial advisor.

So, this perfect storm does have a happy ending – a great opportunity for someone who is entrepreneurial, ambitious and passionate about starting their own financial advisory practice and truly helping people with their long-term plans.  The market opportunity is there and the career prospects are ripe – it’s rewarding, it’s challenging, it’s exciting and it’s needed.

At Empire Wealth Strategies we have a unique platform to help someone transform their start-up to a successful and purposeful financial advisory practice.  Check us out if you want to learn more.

Are you interested in working for Empire Wealth Strategies? Attend the Empire Wealth Strategies Recruiter-in-Residence on Thursday, Nov. 13th. RSVP here!

Hatstand Green Beret Program

Hatstand is a global financial technology consultancy with a specialist focus on electronic trading systems, connectivity, data management, risk, compliance and regulation. With offices in major trading centers in Europe, the Americas and Asia, we have launched the careers of hundreds of technology professionals, many of whom now hold senior level positions in leading financial institutions. 

Our Green Beret program focuses on talent development for technology professionals within financial services.  We select individuals with the right attitude, energy and enthusiasm, plus relevant technical experience, and combine this with bespoke training and mentoring.  Our junior consultants typically spend two years with one of our clients.

Gaurav is a Java Developer who recently completed his first year with the Hatstand Green Beret (HGB) program.  He is working with the Consolidated Alerts and Monitoring (CAM) team with one of our global investment banking clients.  Gaurav has shared a brief overview of his role, its challenges and his successes:

CAM is a global system requiring geographical distribution of resources.  It was conceived as part of Cash Equities in Investment Banking but its systems are responsible for trade monitoring activities for the entire investment banking group.  CAM systems receive client order flows from multiple systems and performs real time trade risk checks, monitoring and surveillance.  The main responsibilities in this role are application enhancement and development, testing and QA analysis.  There is no dedicated QA/testing team so it becomes the developer’s responsibility to ensure high quality of the software solution.  Developers also engage the business in requirements and testing and are sometimes required to provide L3 support. 

The team is distributed across US, Europe and APAC regions.  It is a growing team with many new people and senior developers with specific expertise in the design and implementation of high performance framework.  The team is faced with the complex and aging portfolio of software solutions.  As the number of applications has grown it has eroded the performance and stability of the system, so there is a need to review and refactor the existing system to improve performance.  Most of the development work is around application enhancements.  After every change in the application thorough regression testing needs to be performed, which is a time consuming and manual process.  I have built tools to automate certain parts of this process, which has improved overall productivity and turnaround time for regression testing.  

Before joining Hatstand I worked for two years in the software industry as a Java developer.  Through this role in the HGB program I have gained experience developing low latency high throughput financial applications, and knowledge of electronic trading in cash equity markets.  My technical skillset includes Java, databases, shell scripting and FIX protocol.  In the future I would like to continue to gain technical expertise in developing high throughput and low latency applications in the financial sector.

Want to learn more? Meet with Hatstand for a one-on-one informational interview through our Recruiter-in-Residence program on Tuesday 10/28 by RSVPing through NYU CareerNet > Events > Seminars today!

The Path to Entrepreneurship: Taking risks, Going with your gut (literally), and Doing what you love

Diana Truong works in Operations at Foodtoeat.com, a restaurant and food truck company based here in New York City. Here, she offers advice and insight into finding your career path and digging into your entrepreneurial spirit.

There are those rare people (you may be friends with some) who know with utmost certainty what they’ve wanted to do career-wise their entire lives and they follow the path that society has dictated to get them there. For most of us, the path isn’t known, structured, or even predictable; we find ourselves searching, fumbling, and after a series of experiences and sometimes full-blown careers, we eventually discover what our calling is. This is absolutely OK. Sometimes, what we end up discovering is that we were meant to pave our own path as trailblazing entrepreneurs.

It all starts with an idea, a solution to a problem that can make our lives happier and easier. For Deepti Sharma Kapur, the Founder of FoodtoEat.com, that idea came to her while studying for the LSATs. She was hungry and saw an incredibly long line at the food truck parked at the corner of the street and thought: wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to reduce the size of that line so that people could get their food faster? It was at that moment that FoodtoEat.com, a new and exciting food delivery service, was born. She believed in the idea, took a risk, listened to her gut and started the company in 2012. Since then, FoodtoEat has been working with hundreds of restaurants and food trucks to help feed thousands of hungry New Yorkers.

Make sure you are doing what you love. As with everything, there are ups and downs to entrepreneurship but in the end, being passionate about your idea and knowing that what you’re working towards is ultimately helping people – that is incredibly motivational and keeps the entrepreneurial drive strong. We are passionate about food so at FoodtoEat, we make sure restaurants continue thriving so that busy city folks, can continue running, studying, laughing, and enjoying good food. We also offer great deals and promotions for our customers, including students. We’re the happiest when people are getting great food, the way they want it and WHEN they want it.

If you’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, and would like the chance to be involved in something new and exciting, apply to our Campus Marketing Internship. It’s a unique opportunity for students to be part of a growing start-up that is positioned to make a huge difference in the food world.

Exceptional students will be selected to work as part of a Campus Marketing Team and will also work closely with us on projects aimed to increase our brand awareness and social media engagement. Interns will gain experience in marketing, business development and social media and also be encouraged to flex their creativity muscles. If want to gain working experience, work with a young and dynamic team, be part of a food start-up, and get other awesome perks, the FoodtoEat’s Campus Marketing Internship is probably what you’ve been waiting for.

Learn more by talking with FoodToEat Managers at a Recruiter in Residence on Friday October 25th.  Space is limited, so RSVP on NYUCareerNet, and check out opportunities in Catering and Events, Job ID 908726, Marketing & Social Media Intern, Job ID 898586, and Business Plan Intern, Job ID 906031.

Follow Up Friday: Career Fairs, Interviews, and Diversity – OH MY!

We definitely kicked the semester into high gear this week. We managed to find the time to stop our heads from spinning to give you an inside look at what’s going on at the Wasserman Center.

Diversity Breakfast On Wednesday, the DICP program wrapped up its spring events with the annual Diversity Breakfast. Roughly 50 students attended and took the opportunity to interact with a wide array of employers, including City Year, Ernst &Young, Deloitte, BlackRock and many more wonderful organizations. It was a great way for students to learn about different opportunities and meet new people in a casual atmosphere.  Thanks to all students and employers who participated!

Spring Job & Internship Fair                                                                                   Over 100 employers flooded the Kimmel Center on Thursday for the Spring Job + Internship Fair. Students had an opportunity to explore job and internship opportunities unique companies including Apple, Christie’s, Dyson, idelli, Lincoln Center, Mars, McGraw-Hill, the Scripps Network, and UNIQLO, among others. Joining us from our Employer Partners were BlackRock, Citi, City Year, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Macy’s, Morgan Stanley, Peace Corps, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Prudential, and Teach for America.

OCR Interviews The highly anticipated Spring 2012 On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) season began Wednesday, February 1st. During the first week of recruitment employers interviewed over 850 students in 3 days. The 17 different companies holding interviews included Barclay’s Capital, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, UBS, Wells Fargo, Guggenheim Partners, and Nomura. In addition, with 6 information sessions serving hundreds of students each, and Recruiter-in-Residence informational interviews with companies such as Deloitte and the Central Intelligence Agency, the Wasserman Center strives to support the limitless potential of our students.

Attire for Successful Hire Sponsored by  Macy’s A few NYU students made their Wasserman Center modeling debut at this year’s Attire for Successful Hire. With Macy’s and our Peer Educators, we were able to discuss the do’s and dont’s of professional fashion. Remember, just because it’s in style doesn’t mean it’s in style for work!

@NYUWassEmployer Launch  Did you ever wonder what a typical day  is like at the job of your dreams? Since the Wasserman Center is so hip (yes, hip) with social media, we’ve added a new Twitter handle to help give you an inside look at different companies! Follow us at @NYUWassEmployer to see what’s going on at organizations like Macy’s, Nielsen, and MORE! Once a week a different employer will tweet his/her day in the life – find out if these jobs are for you by following along.

This week, we had City Year tweeting their day. Check out a recap that shows what it’s like to work in NYC’s public schools!

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