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Resources of the Week: July 8th

Finance and Consulting

Quant Finance is a job board website dedicated to helping you find your perfect job in the fields of finance, financial engineering, mathematical finance, and risk management. This website facilitates recruitment and helps connect you working professionals around the globe. Don’t settle for anything less than the leading niche job board in its employment sector!

Arts & Entertainment

The Theatre Communications Group is a national organization for the American Theatre. TCG offers networking opportunities through conferences, events, research, and communications. This organization seeks to promote and celebrate your artistic talents and achievements in your field and foster a larger public appreciation for theatre!

Science & Technology

Creative Design Pros (on LinkedIn) allows for you to connect with other computer engineers, software and program designers, and graphic designers. Tune in and participate in discussions on this page, connect with others in your field, or even ask questions that have been plaguing you about your field or career! This is a great opportunity for you to gain more insight in different technology related professions as well as build up your network!

Government, Non-Profit & Education

City Year is a non-profit organization set to engage citizens to benefit the common good and demonstrate the power of young people. Corps members of City Year serve as tutors, mentors, and role models to help students stay on track to graduate. If you’re interested in making a different in the lives of the youth and helping the next generations have the opportunity to acquire a better livelihood for themselves, then consider applying to City Year!

Sports, Hospitality & Tourism

The American Hotel and Lodging Association is the sole organization that serves the interests of hoteliers everywhere. Members of AH&LA have access to exclusive bottom line savings, educational resources, and networking opportunities with top-level industry professionals. Want to further your career in the hotel industry? Then the American Hotel and Lodging Association is a fantastic resource for you to sign up for!


International Business Group (on LinkedIn) is a company specializing in international trade and development. Have you already started your business or are you looking to start your own business? IBG will help you build the businesses in areas of sourcing and supplying engineering and automotive products. Join this group on LinkedIn today.

Resource of the Week: Pinterest

Pinterest may be that landscape of food, fashion, DIY and wedding planning. But, boasting 50 million users, this visual heavy social network can also be used vastly in your job search and for your career objectives.

Many people prefer to absorb information visually. This form of visual learning is not only limited to Yoga instructions or fondue recipes. It can also include interviewing tips, preparing your resume, and industry information.

Use Pinterest to stay organized and use images to remind you of things you have read or images that have inspired you.

Quick tip: If you don’t want people to see a certain board – say which companies you are researching – change that board to private for your own viewing.

Pinterest To-do List:

  1. Follow companies that interest you: Stay up to date on companies’ most recent pins to see what advancements or changes the company may be making. You can also use it to have a glimpse into the company culture.
  2. Follow career experts: Many experts and career sites use Pinterest as a way to consolidate their articles. By following career experts, you can gain insight on your job search and also how to excel in a particular industry. You can also learn new skills and tips to make you a better candidate

But, also use Pinterest to explore and to inspire. Discover ideas on how to dress professionally – both for men and women, how to answer difficult interview questions, or how to behave at a formal business luncheon.

Pinterest allows you to share content and images from external websites as well as to showcase talent and work from your own hard-drive.  You can use Pinterest as Project Board for your own, original work. Or, you can even use Pinterest as a virtual resume to supplement your physical resume.

Don’t forget, link your Pinterest to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to grow your followers and spread your social media impact.

Pinterest Homework: Build a Visual Resume Board

While a standard, black and white resume is still required for most positions, a visual resume can be a way to supplement your job search and set you apart from the crowd. By creating a visual resume, you can showcase your work history and demonstrate your experience in a pictorial manner.

Where to begin? Pin photos of schools you’ve attended with links to the programs you enrolled in. Similarly, pin logos of companies you’ve worked or professional associates you are a part of.  You can also pin images of awards you’ve won or achievements you’ve made over the past few years.

Once you’ve pinned some images and linked to the appropriate websites, utilize the text box provided. Be sure to capture the importance of each pin as well as how it relates to your career or work objectives.

You can also add a quick description of your visual resume board through the “Edit Board” option.

The key is to concisely depict your professional image and brand through your board’s content and tone.

Once you’ve completed your visual resume board, be sure to share it with your followers. You can add a direct link to your visual resume board on your physical resume, as well as your Email signature, LinkedIn and other social media websites.

Resources of the Week

Financial Services, Management & Consulting:

So you’ve mastered investment terms, and are even becoming conversant in the stock and bond language. Then your boss says, its a “Dead cat bounce.” You look at him, he looks at you, you helpless look around you for suggestions and then immediately type into your search bar.

The Finance Glossary is the online dictionary for terms/phrases used frequently in the finance industry. With this tool, you can increase your understanding of the jargon used in the finance industry. So, next time you’re boss says, “take a bath,” you’ll know that, no, he’s not telling you to take a bath.

Arts, Entertainment & Media

Considering working in the Hospitality Industry? Don’t know whether you want to work abroad or at home. Tap in to your LinkedIn account and join the Hotel Industry Professionals Worldwide.

Hotel Industry Professionals Worldwide on LinkedIn allows you to connect with thousands of other professionals in the hotel industry and share tips, techniques and strategies as well as helping each other with employment and career opportunities across the globe.

Computer Science & Engineering

Have you ever heard of TechCrunch? CrunchGear? Or, TechCrunch IT?

TechCrunch is a leading technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news. The columnists and contributors bring deep insights from the heart of the tech community. Additionally, CrunchBase, TechCrunch’s open database about start-up companies, people and investors, has become the leading statistical resource for technology companies and transactions. Then comes the CrunchBoard.

The CrunchBoard gives you access to the millions of technology and business savvy readers of TechCrunch, MobileCrunch, CrunchGear, and TechCrunch IT. It is one of the most popular job searchs boards for individuals seeking internet or tech jobs.

Diversity, Government, & Non-Profit

Looking for a news source that can give you the latest scoop on the Non-Profit Industry. Check out The Non-Profit Times.

The NonProfit Times is the leading online publication for nonprofit management.  Geared to the executive suite, The NonProfit Times delivers news, business information and original research on the daily operations of tax-exempt organizations.

As an added bonus, you can search for non-profit jobs on their site and read career tips for the non-profit industry here.


Interested in service abroad?

The Global Service Corps mission is to design and implement volunteer service-learning and community development programs that benefit the volunteer participants and positively impact the communities they serve.

Global Service Corps (GSC) is a non-profit leader in service learning and overseas volunteer programs and international internships in Thailand, Cambodia and Tanzania. They offer international volunteer opportunities in various durations including: Volunteer Vacations, 2 week Introductions to Service Learning, 4-6 week Short-term Volunteer Abroad Assignments and 9 Week to 6 month International Internships and Overseas Volunteer Assignments.


Resource of the Week: Occupational Handbook

Resource Name: Occupational Handbook

Where to find it: You can access it by clicking on the following link: http://www.bls.gov/ooh/

What it is: The Occupational Handbook is a website that has a ton of career information. The profiles featured here cover hundreds of occupations and describe what they do, work environment, how to become one, pay and more. Each profile also includes a Bureau of Labor Statistics employment projection for the 2010-2020 decade.

Who it’s good for: This website is literally good for every student getting ready to explore different fields because the Occupational Handbook offers insights on 13 major occupational clusters including management, business and finance, sales, service, production, farming, Armed Services, office and administrative support and construction. No matter what field you’re interested in, you will no doubt find more specific information on it.

Why you should use it: The Handbook gives job search tips, links to information about the job market in each state and much more. It’s the perfect place to decide on a career field for yourself too! A lot of students are undecided and understandably so. By looking at statistics for different jobs you may be interested in, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices. Plus it’s an official government website, so you can imagine how official the information posted on the website it!

Resource of the Week: Creative Hotlist

Resource Name: Creative Hotlist

What it is: It’s an excellent resource for creative professionals in visual communications. Students can post resumes, job-wanted listings, and online portfolios. It’s unique in that it has advanced search capabilities, and the ability to save searches in a personalized virtual filing system.

Where to find it: You can access Creative Hotlist through your NYU CareerNet Account

Who it is good for: Creative Hotlist is an excellent resource for creative students in visual communications. Students are able to browse through information on job openings that companies and organizations can post easily and see the myriad of job opportunities listed.

Why you should use it: If you’re aspiring to work with other creative professionals or are interested in pursuing a career as a graphic and/or web designer, writer, photographer, illustrator, this site it the perfect place for you to visit. You’re able to showcase your talent by uploading your portfolio on the site, and because it’s a site specifically aimed for creative professionals. Now, instead of sifting through other irrelevant job postings, you can focus more specifically on where you want to apply or intern in terms of specific creative jobs.

Resource of the Week: Mentor Network


Resource Name: Mentor Network

Where to find it: Thorugh your NYU CareerNet account

What it is: It’s a great resource that the NYU Wasserman Center provides to help students explore different careers by connecting them with alumni and other professionals who are interested in helping you gain valuable experience in whichever career field you choose.

How do they do that? The Mentors in this program are available for you to have an in-person informational interview in which you can discuss their occupation and even obtain career advice and strategies. They’re also open to a “Day on the job” or a “Shadow Day” in which you get to spend a few hours observing your Mentor’s daily work routine and gain a real work perspective on a potential career. Lastly, they’re even available through a phone or Skype call for you to gain even more career-related information.

Who it’s good for: It’s fantastic for all you NYU students out there who want to explore your different areas of interest but don’t really know where to begin. And of course, for alumni and outside employers who are willing to give advice or just talk to students about their jobs and companies.

Why you should use it: As a student at NYU, you don’t really have that much free time to take an internship or job in every company or career you’re interested in. This is a fantastic way to save time as well as get the benefit of talking with a mentor who’s willing to guide and help you figure out. And it’s easy to do so as well!

To connect with a mentor in your area of interest, you can come in for a walk-in appointment and a counselor will briefly go over protocol and the steps to utilize our Mentor Network.

If you have additional questions please contact career.mentornetwork@nyu.edu

Resource of the Week: Idealist

Resource of the Week: Idealist

Resource Name: Idealist.org

Where to Find it: http://www.idealist.org/

What it is: It’s a site that’s fantastic in the non-profit jobs niche. Thousands of jobs, internships, and even volunteer opportunities are listed at organizations, both domestic and international. You can search by the type of organization (immigration, civil rights, etc.) keywords, language, educational level, etc. It’s a very extensive searchable database of organizations that can help you identify target organizations in sectors of interest when prospecting for jobs.

Who it’s good for: This is a great resource to use for you college students looking for a way to give back and the opportunities offered here have many options to choose from.

Why you should use it: If you’re interested in the non-profit world or even social entrepreneurship, this site is perfect for you to check out.  You’ll find internship or job opportunities on this dynamic site tat you wont be able to find any where else! With hundreds and thousands of organizations to apply to or volunteer for, Idealist.org offers you extensive opportunities to truly make a difference in the world.

Resource of the Week: internships.com

Resource Name: internships.com

Where to find it: Log into your NYUCareerNet account and select Document Library under Resources. Then scroll down until you see internships.com

What it is: Internships.com is a really great website to frequent. With internships available in many different career fields such as government, marketing, science, journalism and much more, internships.com provides the users with an abundance of internship opportunities in the major cities across the US. It’s an easily navigable site that’s almost like the NYUCareerNet, except on a smaller scale.

Who it’s good for: If you’re looking for a short summer internship, or even a part-time internship during the school year, this is definitely a great resource for you to check out. Once you’ve selected your major and the city that you are interested in working in, a fairly long list of internship options appears for your perusal. This is especially useful for freshman and sophomores who are still deciding which field they are interested in pursuing, or for those who just want to gain more experience in their chosen field of study.

Why you should use it: Though most of the internships on this website are part time and unpaid, it’s still a really great and easy way to gain more work experience, because in the end that’s what is more important.  Another plus of using this tool is that, much like the Wasserman Center, you are able to apply for an internship through this website.  Additionally, these internship opportunities that are available are a fantastic way to start your career.

Resource of the Week: International Jobs Center

Resource Name: International Jobs Center

Where to find it: Log in to your NYU CareerNet account and select the Document Library under Resources. Select “International Career Employment Weekly” or go to www.internationaljobs.org

What it is: International Jobs Center is a site that offers international professionals job opportunities around the world.  It contains all the information for job openings in a multitude of areas such as intergovernmental organizations, engineering firms, corporations involved in international trade and finance, student exchange organizations and much more.

Who it is good for: It’s a fantastic resource for job or internship seekers with an international background, people looking for an international job or internship, and of course international employers.

Why you should use it: You shouldn’t mistake it for an employment agency, because it’s not. It’s a valuable resource in that it has a wide array of international fields.  While you can’t apply through the site itself, International Jobs Center provides each employer’s information, job requirements, what they’re looking for in a candidate, and lastly how to apply for the position.   It’s helpful in that you have all the information you need to apply for a specific job compiled in one, easily accessible place.

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Resource of the Week: Linkedin

Resource Name: LinkedIn

Where to find it: www.linkedin.com

What it is: LinkedIn is a social networking site that’s actually all about professional network building for people who are about to enter or are already in the workforce. Think of it as a Rolodex where you’re able to connect with employers, friends, and professors alike to help expand your network of professionals.

Who it is good for: LinkedIn is beneficial for all students preparing to begin their job search who want to learn more about a particular business opportunity as well as employers seeking potential candidates.

Why you should use it: Through LinkedIn, you are able to follow different companies and get notifications about job offers available and even “save” jobs that you’re interested in applying for. It allows you to upload your resume or design your own profile to showcase your work experiences. You can review the profiles of hiring professionals and discover which of your existing contacts, such as friends, previous employers, and even professors, can introduce you to them. Link-in to this resource to stay connected to your dream job!

Interested? Read more here.

Also, don’t forget to attend Social Media + Networking for your Job Search Seminar on March 12th at 3:30 PM. To RSVP, click here.