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Find a Job in Sports with Madison Square Garden

Yesterday, the NYU Wasserman Center @ SCPS hosted the webinar, Finding a Job in Sports which was led by a Human Resources Manager from Madison Square Garden (MSG).  In case you missed it, check out the 5 tips below for strategies to break into the sports, media, and entertainment industries!

Tip # 1:  Master the Basics

Your journey to obtain a job or internship starts with building an effective resume, writing a fantastic cover letter, and learning to ace your interview.  Presenting yourself as a detail-oriented and polished candidate will catch the eye of someone in human resources.

Tip #2:  Know How to Get Your Foot in the Door

This is an industry that values what you know.  Many successful professionals in the sports and entertainment industry began their careers in event or sales driven roles such as ushering or ticket sales.  Starting from the bottom up will help you to understand the business in its entirety, which is a skill that is greatly valued when you are ready to move into your next role within the company or industry.

Tip #3:  Network!

This is an industry that also values who you know. One of the most important aspects of finding a job in sports and entertainment is expanding your professional network! MSG’s HR manager revealed that almost all jobs in the industry are found through networking within the industry or by completing internships at a company.  So, be sure to find internships, attend industry events, connect with NYU alumni, and volunteer!

Tip #4: Look for Jobs in the Right Places

Current trends in this industry show that jobs are less likely to be be posted through sites like Monster.com or Careerbuilder.com.  Instead, recruiters are leaning more towards social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  Take time to review your own personal profiles, and start to follow and engage with companies you may want to work with in the future. Many organizations also partner with university career centers like the Wasserman Center! Be sure to check out NYU CareerNet for opportunities in sports, media and entertainment.

Tip #5: Take Advantage of Industry Specific Resources

Check out these resources mentioned by Madison Square Garden’s HR Manager to boost your job search: Teamworkonline.com, Workinsports.com, Enterntaimentcareers.net, glassdoor.com, internships.com, creativeinterns.com

If you have any questions or wish to discuss your career-action plan for success in the sports and entertainment industry, request a career counseling appointment through NYU CareerNet.

Intern Confessions

For some of us in grad school, going back to lectures, exams, and papers is a way to reroute our career paths and start somewhere new. I’m part of a group of “career-changers” who boldly stepped away from our full-time, salaried jobs to continue our education.

Some context to my story: I graduated in 2010 with my B.A. in Communications from a small (yet reputable) school in New Jersey, and worked in roles that had nothing to do with my major. After 2 ½ years, I decided Supply Chain wasn’t for me and that I wanted to go back to Communications, and work in Public Relations. A year later, I am halfway through my Master’s Degree in Public Relations/Corporate Communications at the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. For the summer, I am a Public Relations, Social Media and Investor Relations Associate at an Investor Relations firm in Midtown East.

I’d say I’m doing well in the program, and at my internship.

Did you see the problem with that last sentence? For career-changers, it’s one dreaded, yet necessary, concept: INTERNSHIP.

Once you get used to the comforts of consistent paychecks, buying whatever you want, whenever you want, being responsible for your own work and not doing “busy work,” , not having to take exams or write papers or sit through classes on Saturdays, reverting back to “intern” status feels like taking steps back, instead of forward.  What is supposed to feel like a simple detour, sometimes feels like going in reverse.

The first time I heard someone refer to me as an intern, I cried a little inside.

But the truth it, when starting over, beginner steps are necessary. You’re starting from scratch: you need the fundamentals. For career-changers, that’s exactly what we’re doing now: putting what we’ve learned in the program into practice at an internship. We’re also figuring out if it’s the kind of career we want in the future.  It’s an invaluable experience, and one that we need to assure our success upon graduation.

Kudos to the grad students who are missing their old offices as much as I am this summer.

Julia is getting her M.S. in Public Relations & Corporate Communications from NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies. She graduated from The College of New Jersey in 2010. Julia works as a PR consultant, and is a PR/IR/Social Media Summer Associate at an Investor Relations firm in Midtown East. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Julia_Sahin LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/juliasahin

Careers in Healthcare

In case you missed it, Careers in Healthcare hosted by North Shore LIJ Health System and the NYU Wasserman Center @ SCPS are bringing you industry insights to help you navigate your career in healthcare.

Did you know that North Shore LIJ Health System is the nation’s 3rd largest integrated healthcare network, based on net patient revenue and the largest in NY State?

●      They have 16 medical facilities and their locations include Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island.

●      Ranked in Diversity Inc as 7th in Top Ten Companies for Veteran’s according to and ranked 9th in the Top Ten Hospital Systems

Did you know that North Shore LIJ has all types of positions available in healthcare?

●      Clinical and non-clinical professionals (nurses, doctors, technicians, analysts)

●      Internships/Fellowships

●      Clinical Professionals

●      Allied Health

●      Corporate

Did you know that the recruitment cycle varies depending on the career path?

·       Make sure that you check for openings in your desired career field and apply ASAP!

·       For example, in finance the recruitment cycle is year round since it is a growing area within the health system.

·       Click here to take you to NSLIJ’s careers page for job openings.

Did you know that NSLIJ is federally funded and a “human” reviews every application?

·       By creating job alerts it will give you a better chance of being considered if you apply early on in the process! If your resume is #5 as opposed to #105 it will make a difference. Word to the wise: only apply to positions you are qualified for!

Did you know that your personal brand is critical?

·       Quantifying statements in your resume demonstrates success with your experience.  Key skills that should be highlighted in your resume should include customer service, integrity, leadership, teamwork and technical skills.

·       Wear formal business attire always to an interview in healthcare.

·       Linkedin is the most preferred form of social media in the healthcare professional setting.

Did you know that NSLIJ has Military and Veteran’s Employment Programs?  

·       Bernadette Ann Fackovec is a Specialist for Military Programs at NSLIJ Center for Workforce Readiness, and is focused on furthering the health system’s mission to increase veteran outreach.

·       Click here for more information.

Schedule an appointment on NYU CareerNet to meet with a career counselor and work on your career strategy today!

Global Peers: Sydney

What is your name/major/class year/school? Why did you want to study away in Sydney?

Hi everyone! My name is Tyler Becker, I’m a junior in SCPS studying Sports Management, and this semester, I am at one of NYU’s newest study away sites, Sydney, Australia! I chose Sydney for a few reasons. First, I’ve always wanted to visit Australia, and what better way to explore the country than to spend four months living and breathing the culture. Second, my degree allows students to take some liberal arts and elective classes, and Sydney has a bunch to offer. And third, I wanted to experience a semester of NYU from a different country, meet other students in an intimate setting (there’s about 40 students at NYU Sydney), and enjoy a few months in the nice weather.

What classes are you taking?

The classes I’m taking are Australian Sociology, Creative Writing, Global Media, and Anthropology of Art. The courses are really interesting, and my professors are terrific individuals that have a lot to say about Sydney and their respective fields. Global Media is one of my favorite classes I’ve taken at NYU. It’s incredibly fascinating to learn about the media, technology, and cultural identity of Sydney and Australia from an expert in the industry. I’m really excited to bring back to New York some things I’ve learned here.

Describe a fun outing or experience thus far?

One weekend, a small group of students decided to take a trip down to Kangaroo Valley, a small town about two hours south of Sydney. We rented cars, and I drove on the other side of the rode! It was so much fun to go on a road trip with some other NYU Sydney students, have a picnic in the park, and of course, see some kangaroos up close and personal. We got really close to them too! The most amazing part was on our drive back in the evening. As we were driving, we look to our left towards an open field, and about 50 or so kangaroos are congregated together. It was a spectacular sight to see.

How are you exploring your career while away?

In Sydney, I’m doing a couple of things to explore and advance my career. For example, I’m working part time for NYU Sydney. It’s a really nice part-time job to have. I am learning about the roles and responsibilities of the program directors, offering my ideas to improve the site, and maintaining a balanced schedule of class, work, and fun. I also plan on attending some neat events in Sydney, specifically tech and marketing panels to learn about the Sydney startup scene. In fact, I recently started chatting with someone while getting gelato, and she happens to work at an advertising industry. We exchanged information, and I’m hoping to visit the office a few times this semester!

How are you preparing for potential internship or professional opportunities? How will Sydney impact your career endeavors?

I am currently seeking an internship for this summer back in New York, which means I won’t be able to attend in-person interviews. Fortunately, many of the employers I’ve heard from regularly use Skype to conduct interviews with candidates outside of the city. If you think studying away for a semester will be a burden to career advancement, I strongly disagree. There are so many ways to meet professionals, apply for jobs, and explore career options, regardless of which country you’re in. Every so often I’ll check CareerNet for interesting postings relating to my summer internship search, and overall, I’m expanding my network and discovering opportunities in the same way I am used to back in New York.