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Making the Most of the Career Fair: What to do Before, During, and After

The Fall Job and Internship Fair is right around the corner and you may be wondering how to best prepare.  Here are some quick tips and tricks (plus some advice from employers!) to be sure you make the most of your time this Thursday:

Before the fair

  • Research the organizations that will attend and decide who you want to speak to. Check NYU CareerNet for a list of participating employers.  Create a quick cheat sheet with notes to review at the fair.
  • Print multiple copies of your resume.
  • Practice a 60-90 second pitch to introduce yourself to employers.  Include relevant details about your academic and professional background, as well as, why that particular organization interests you.
  • Dress professionally.  A suit and conservative shoes and accessories are recommended.

During the fair

  • Greet employers with a firm handshake, eye contact, and a smile.  Introduce yourself with your pitch.
  • Ask good questions. Researched questions that show you know the organization and their opportunities make a larger impact.
  • Offer your resume at the end of the conversation if an organization or position interests you. If they are not collecting resumes at the fair, find out to whom and where you can send one.
  • Collect any available brochures and employer literature. This information will assist you to better prepare for interviews and identify additional opportunities.
  • Ask for a business card from every representative with whom you speak.
  • Take notes after each discussion and use these details when following up after the fair.
  • Be open. Do not rule out an employer because of the industry it represents.  For example, a publishing company may have opportunities in finance and marketing in addition to writing and research.

After the Fair

  • Follow up with employers after the career fair!  Send a thank you email, hand written letter, or make a follow up phone call (if appropriate).
  • Send or submit any materials that have been requested of you (i.e., resume, cover letter).

What employers are saying….

Check out this quick WasserTube video, where employers share tips for how to make a great first impression!

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Skill Building Thursday: What’s Your Biggest Weakness? Finding the strength in it!

The interview question that gives people the most anxiety is “Tell me about your strengthens and weaknesses.” It’s more comfortable to talk about your strengths. In fact most people walk into an interview with the purpose of impressing the interviewer with what they can do best. So why do they ask you about your weaknesses?

Because being able to recognize, assess, and improve the areas where your lacking is a key skill. Lets think about how companies grow and improve. At the end of the fiscal year, they assess what they did well and what didn’t work so well. They may look at revenues, talk with clients, or request feedback from employees. Yes, its good to hear how well they performed, but they really want to know how they can improve. So why wouldn’t they expect that from their from an employee?

Knowing your areas of improvement shows that you’re actively thinking about how you can better yourself and grow with the company. Here are some tips to prepare for this question:

  • Think about areas in your life where you didn’t do something so well. It can be current or in the past.
  • Write down the steps you took to improve. Did you seek advice? Take a class? Read a book?
  • Next, write the results. Did you completely improve? Are you still working on it? What’s your progress
  • Finally write down how can you relate this experience to the job you’re applying for? How will utilize this skill at the job? Or how you can utilize those steps in the future to overcome a challenge at the company

Once you’ve written it down, make sure you practice your telling your story so that it sounds natural. Good luck!

What Now, Wasserman? Prepare, Prepare, and Prepare…but don’t Cyberstalk

I finally scored an interview for my dream job, but I don’t know how to prepare! Do I stalk my interviewer on Facebook? Find out his Twitter handle and pretend to like the band he went to see last weekend? What now, Wasserman? – Cyberstalking in Founders

First, please do not cyber stalk your interviewer. Second, calm down. There are tons of ways to prepare for an interview so have no fear, take our advice, and you’ll be confident and prepared to land your dream job. The best way to prepare for any interview is to first do your research. Be familiar with the job description and know about general industry trends. Find out about your employer the right way; utilize tools like Hoovers and Vault (available on NYU CareerNet) to learn about them and their career. You should also familiarize yourself with the organization’s website. Look for client information, the annual report, the company mission, and the general language used, etc. And this may be an obvious tip, but be prepared to discuss your goals, accomplishments, and experiences. Make sure to have specific examples ready in case your interviewer should ask for them. So start preparing and practice practice practice!