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Find a Job in Sports with Madison Square Garden

Yesterday, the NYU Wasserman Center @ SCPS hosted the webinar, Finding a Job in Sports which was led by a Human Resources Manager from Madison Square Garden (MSG).  In case you missed it, check out the 5 tips below for strategies to break into the sports, media, and entertainment industries!

Tip # 1:  Master the Basics

Your journey to obtain a job or internship starts with building an effective resume, writing a fantastic cover letter, and learning to ace your interview.  Presenting yourself as a detail-oriented and polished candidate will catch the eye of someone in human resources.

Tip #2:  Know How to Get Your Foot in the Door

This is an industry that values what you know.  Many successful professionals in the sports and entertainment industry began their careers in event or sales driven roles such as ushering or ticket sales.  Starting from the bottom up will help you to understand the business in its entirety, which is a skill that is greatly valued when you are ready to move into your next role within the company or industry.

Tip #3:  Network!

This is an industry that also values who you know. One of the most important aspects of finding a job in sports and entertainment is expanding your professional network! MSG’s HR manager revealed that almost all jobs in the industry are found through networking within the industry or by completing internships at a company.  So, be sure to find internships, attend industry events, connect with NYU alumni, and volunteer!

Tip #4: Look for Jobs in the Right Places

Current trends in this industry show that jobs are less likely to be be posted through sites like Monster.com or Careerbuilder.com.  Instead, recruiters are leaning more towards social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  Take time to review your own personal profiles, and start to follow and engage with companies you may want to work with in the future. Many organizations also partner with university career centers like the Wasserman Center! Be sure to check out NYU CareerNet for opportunities in sports, media and entertainment.

Tip #5: Take Advantage of Industry Specific Resources

Check out these resources mentioned by Madison Square Garden’s HR Manager to boost your job search: Teamworkonline.com, Workinsports.com, Enterntaimentcareers.net, glassdoor.com, internships.com, creativeinterns.com

If you have any questions or wish to discuss your career-action plan for success in the sports and entertainment industry, request a career counseling appointment through NYU CareerNet.

Guest Blog: Sports Management

I spent my spring semester interning at Mylan World TeamTennis and I couldn’t have found a better match. This was an internship where I could actually work for an organization that shares my passion in tennis. And as the icing on top of a cake, I got to work with one of the 100 most influential and important American icons of the past century, Billie Jean King.

Getting to know about this internship was a breeze thanks to the Tisch Center Career Fair that was held at the Wasserman Center. However, securing the internship took a fair bit of effort. Writing the cover letter and polishing the resume are some of the key steps towards securing the internship and that had to be done by a certain date. And with my schedule as it is with varsity tennis and 17 credits this semester, that was a challenge. However, I feel that sometimes having a little pressure helps me to focus better on the things that are actually important and I got called up for an interview and was finally accepted as an intern for the spring of 2013.

What I felt benefited me the most was learning how a professional tennis league was organized and run. From player contracts to sorting out player rankings and their bios, even updating the seemingly endless Operations Manual was rather intimidating at first. However, I realized that if I want to start something on my own in the tennis industry, this is what needs to be done. It is all down to hard work and making sure that every detail, every possible scenario is looked into and planned for to ensure that the matches and events proceed smoothly. It was an eye-opener into the real world of how tennis events should be managed.


It isn’t all work and no play either. My supervisor was kind enough to get me a ticket to watch Tennis Night in America at Madison Square Garden, which featured the likes of Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams playing exhibition matches. It was a great experience watching the pros up close and a real treat since I’ve never seen either Nadal or Serena live before, and not to mention the seats that we got were amazing. I was literally almost courtside. As an added bonus, Ben Stiller and his wife, Christine Taylor, showed up right in front of me and I was probably too star-struck to do anything. It was an amazing night overall and I was glad to be part of it.


Finally, I’d just like to say that working at Mylan World TeamTennis has been a wonderful experience and it is also my first internship in New York City. It is hard work managing tennis, academics and an internship all in one semester but I feel like at the end of it, there is a sense of achievement and that feeling is irreplaceable.

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