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Spring Break: 10 Ways to Get Ahead

  1. Clean up your Facebook page: Employers check applicants’ Facebook page, so it is important to clean up your Facebook page and set your privacy settings if you have any photos, posts, statuses, or comments you wouldn’t want employers to see. Your Facebook page is one way to market yourself. How do you want people to see you? Keep that question in mind as you clean up your page.
  2. Update your resume and cover letter: Too busy with class work during the semester to work on anything else? Spring Break is a great time to update your resume and cover letters.  You can get some of your friends or family to give you feedback. Sometimes another pair of eyes to check over your work may help you realize what you’re missing. You have plenty of time to finally sit down, open up your resume or cover letter and fix your format or add new experiences. If you need some help, the Wasserman website has several examples of resumes and cover letters!
  3. Go to the Wasserman Center: Didn’t know the Wasserman center was open over Spring Break? It is! With many students out of the city, there will be less of a crowd seeking to meet one of the career counselors. For those of you staying in the city, take a trip down to the Wasserman center and ask any questions you have about resumes, cover letters, interviewing, job search and anything else related to career development.
  4. Get started on your job search: With more time on your hands, get started on your job search early by researching companies you might be interested and get in touch with their culture, what they do, and how you might fit in. Take a look at possible career paths!
  5. Create a LinkedIn account: LinkedIn is a way to professionally market yourself and it’s a great way to network with others virtually. Many employers search for their applicants online and your LinkedIn profile will be on the top of their search.
  6. Practice Interviewing on InterviewStream or BigInterview: Wasserman provides you with many resources to improve your interviewing skills. With InterviewStream and BigInterview, you can practice interviewing and then see how well it went. With your roommate finally out of the room, you can turn on that camera and improve your interviewing skills. Come back from Spring Break being better at interviewing!
  7. Practice Interviewing with your family/friends: Here’s another way to improving your interviewing skills. Sometimes it feels more like the real interview when you practice with a person in front of you. During Spring Break, you have the chance to ask your family and friends you haven’t seen in a while to interview you. Ask for feedback; it is always great what suggestions and advice others have you.
  8. Sign up for the Wasserman Mentor Program: Take a look at the Wasserman Mentor Network. The program helps students explore careers by linking them to alumni and others. The mentors come from a variety of fields and are willing to share their expertise in that field with you.
  9. Reconnect with previous employers: Sometimes with all that is going on, it is hard not to forget to communicate and reconnect with previous employers. Spring Break is a great time to e-mail your previous employers and stay connected.
  10. Plan ahead and check out future Wasserman events: Get ahead and check out what Wasserman events are in line when you get back from the break. See what events fit your schedule or what best meet your needs, RSVP and write down the date and time!

These are just a few ways to help you get ahead during your Spring Break.

Join us Friday March 22nd at 12 PM on the third floor of Palladium for LinkedIn, Networking + Job Search 101 – hosted by LinkedIn!

Join LinkedIn experts for an exciting inside look into their amazing resources. Use spring break to revitalize your job search and networking skills, and your knowledge of the LinkedIn platform!

Bring your laptops and learn about:

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Have a fun and productive Spring Break!