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Summer Spotlight Series with Opportunity Finance Network

Recently, Caroline Deng, Stern ’17, shared her day working with @OppFinance. Click the logo below for a recap.

Keep tuning into our blog throughout the next few months for more spotlights on summer jobs and internships.

Summer Career Checklist

Summer break doesn’t mean you have to take a break from your career development!  Whether you are interning, taking classes, working part-time or just relaxing, here are some to-do’s:

Update and polish your resume

You may have some great courses, academic projects, part-time jobs or internships to add from this past academic year.  Write those great bullet points when these experiences are fresh in your mind.

Build your skills

Even if you aren’t working part-time or interning, it’s important for you to continue to build skills that will be relevant for employers.  Volunteer with an organization a few days a month, teach yourself a new technology, review relevant industry resources and review some of our skill-building tips!

Foster and expand your network

Networking is most effective when you don’t need something (like a job) right away.  Reach out to previous colleagues, friends, and professors to check in, say hi and maybe grab lunch.  Use some of the Wasserman Center’s resources or LinkedIn.com to set up some informational interviews and expand your existing network.


Sometimes it’s hard to find time during the academic year to reflect.  Take some time to think about the past year.   What did you learn about your career preferences, work-ethic, strengths, and weaknesses?  What activities or classes did you love? Were there others you disliked?  How might the responses to these questions help you plan for for next year or even post-graduation?  Need some help reflecting?  On to our next item….

Schedule a counseling appointment

Not in NYC? No problem.  Counselors are available for virtual or phone appointments.  Schedule via your NYU CareerNet account and cover topics like resumes, cover letters, interview prep, networking tips or take a career assessment.

Beat the Summer Heat & Dress for Success at Your Next Interview

Now that final exams and graduation have passed, the job search is heating up – literally.

Summer has officially graced us, and many of NYU’s newest graduates and students on summer hiatus are seeking out jobs or summer internships.  Many of you may be wondering how to dress professionally in the extreme heat once you receive a coveted invitation for an interview.  Check out our tips below to beat the summer temperatures with style and professionalism at your next interview.

(If you need some inspiration for career wear or motivation to apply for opportunities, check out our style suggestions and awesome fashion-industry job postings above. Just scroll your mouse over the image and select the green dots!)

1.  Dress formally even if the office environment is casual.  Try career wear in lightweight materials that will keep you cool without compromising the professionalism an interview demands.

2. No showing skin!  Women remember that sleeveless tops (tank tops, tube tops), short skirts, or low cut dresses or shirts should be avoided.  Men and women should always avoid shorts.

3. Integrating your bright and colorful summer accessories in the form of ties, camisoles or socks can be great, but interview outfits/suits in dark colors convey that you are a serious job candidate who is capable of looking the part as well as acting it!

4. Accessorize with jewelry (small) pieces that won’t overpower your interview look.  If you are in a creative field this is a chance to show your style and creativity!

5. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and business appropriate.  Avoid any footwear in the following categories: open-toed, flip-flops,  too bright, or casual.  You never know how conservative the interviewer is and what they may consider a faux pas, so erring on the side of caution is key.  Let your words do the talking-not your outfit.

6. Be well-groomed.  Women: Do not let your makeup or hair be a distraction to you or the interviewer!  Makeup and nails should be both neutral and natural, and hair best when it is pulled away from your face.   Men: Make sure your haircut conveys attention to grooming or care.

7. Interview purses or briefcases should be big enough to hold your resume and essentials, but not big enough to look like you’re going away for a long weekend!

8. Do a “sit test” in your suit/outfit to make sure it and you are comfortable.  If not, seek other options.

9. Iron or dry clean your interview suit/outfit.  Nothing says you are unprepared and unprofessional like lots of wrinkles or dirt spots!

10. Details matter on your resume, in your interview, and in what you wear- so be mindful when choosing your outfit!  When in doubt, check-in with your career counselor, and consider visiting our Pinterest boards for some insight and inspiration!

Finding A Summer Internship

Yes, the semester has just started, and yes, it’s still snowing outside, but warm weather and summer will be here before you know it. Which is why it’s a good idea to start thinking about summer internships now, before Spring semester gets intensely busy.
Kick-start your Summer Internship search by attending Wasserman’s Landing a Summer Internship Eventheld Tuesday, February 12 from 4:30-6pm at the Wasserman Center. Learn the ins-and-outs of finding a summer internship, gather advice on how to market your strengths and skills, and hear from fellow students about lessons learned from their summer internship experiences.
A summer internship can be a great way to explore career interests, gain skills and experience, and learn about an industry to see if it’s a good fit for you.
To get you started, here are three steps to prep for your Summer Internship Search:
  1. Update your LinkedIn profile, to put your best social-media foot forward
  2. Make sure your resume is up to date and you’ve included any new positions or activities you’ve taken on this school year
  3. Start brainstorming to help narrow your search: what industries do you want to explore? In what areas/locations? Part-time or full-time positions? Paid or unpaid?
Looking for additional resources? Check out this vault.com guide to finding a summer internship.