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In Case You Missed It: Day In The Life at Time Inc.

Did you miss a day in the life at Time Inc?  Click on the image below for a recap!

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Job Search for Freelance Professionals Wrap-Up

The Wasserman Center recently hosted a panel on jump-starting your freelance career. Panelists included Dan Feld, Creator and Host of Prologue Profiles; Carina Storrs, Science and Health Writer (The Scientist, Scientific American); Vivian Salama, Freelance Journalist (Newsweek, The Atlantic, The Daily Beast); and Diane Leon-Ferdico, Adjunct Associate Professor of Arts, NYU-SCPS.

Students and alumni were welcomed with stories about covering areas of conflict in the Middle East, the many options one has with a doctorate in Microbiology, and how they too could sell their paintings to purchase a dream condo on the Mediterranean… not to mention the various tips and advice when pursuing an independent career.

Below are five insightful highlights these professionals shared at the Job Search for Freelance Professionals panel:

Diversify Yourself and Your Expertise

Freelancing is all about providing a type of service or product to a specific client or consumer. In order to reach a wider clientele, expand your areas of expertise. A freelance journalist is much more marketable when they can operate a camera and film and edit footage of stories from which they report. Take on something unique and out of your immediate area of specialty. By doing so, you can grow as a professional and increase your marketability as a freelancer in your industry.

Understand the Decision of Working Independently

The perks of being an independent worker are enticing: wake up late, work in your pajamas, take a jog at your leisure, and dictate your schedule on your terms. However, most full-time freelancers across industries report that they work every single hour of the day and rarely take vacations as their income and sustenance depends on finding new clients, projects, and opportunities. Determine a budget and cost of living estimate so you can appropriately charge for your labor and services. Conduct research about freelancing in your industry. If you want to freelance while holding a full-time job, balance and manage your time and competing priorities.

Understand Your Industry and its Community of Freelancers

Just like you would prepare yourself for an interview, research and keep yourself abreast of big trends, breaking news, and the next “big thing” in your industry. Staying on top of your industry makes you a more informed independent professional and shows a level of assurity and consciousness to your colleagues and clients. Connecting with fellow freelancers in your industry will help you seek out new leads, seek advisement, and create a social network of individuals who understand your work and lifestyle. Networking sites like meetup.com can provide you with groups of professionals who share similar interests and pursuits.

Invest in Your Academic and Non-Academic Work

Freelancers develop their expertise from knowledge inside the classroom… and outside the classroom! If you’re an Economics major, use that Computer Science minor to complete part-time coding projects. If you design marketing materials for several clubs and organizations, you are probably amassing a portfolio of content that can show the level of work and possible deliverables you could provide to a client. Take advantage of your double major, minors, specializations, breadth coursework, and foreign language expertise as knowledge and commodities to use in your “side hustle.”

Brand Yourself

Developing your service as an independent professional is one thing, letting everyone know what you can do is another! Establish an online presence and brand to engage with potential customers. Invest time, energy, and content in platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr to engage with clients and provide a scope of your potential influence on their upcoming projects or services.

Spotlight on Careers in Writing and Publishing Part 2

Meet successful people in the career of writing and publishing! Allison Lorentzen is a Senior Editor at Viking Penguin. Her recent and upcoming titles include the debut novels The Office of Mercy by Ariel Djanikian, A Map of Tulsa by Benjamin Lytal, and Necessary Errors by Caleb Crain. She is proud to publish Orange Prize finalist Monique Roffey, whose latest novel is Archipelago.

Gray Beltran is a multimedia producer and community editor at Atavist. He has written about film and music for newspapers in Southern California, and is a graduate of the Columbia Journalism School and the literary journalism program at the University of California, Irvine. In 2011, he traveled to Israel and the Palestinian territories as a fellow in the Scripps Howard Program in Religion, Journalism and the Spiritual Life.

S. Mitra Kalita is the ideas editor at Quartz. She worked previously at The Wall Street Journal, where she oversaw coverage of the Great Recession and housing crisis. She also launched Mint, a business paper in New Delhi, and has previously worked for the Washington Post, Newsday and the Associated Press. She is the author of three books related to migration and globalization. She is currently an adjunct professor of journalism at St. John’s and Columbia universities, and previously served as president of the South Asian Journalists Association.

Want to learn more and meet Allison, Gray, and S. Mitra?  Come to the 20 Cooper Square, 7th Floor, on April 23, 2013! RSVP on NYU CareerNet here.

Spotlight on Careers in Writing and Publishing

Are you interested in a career in writing and publishing? Do you want to learn more different positions in writing and publishing? Meet two individuals that are successful in the field of writing and publishing. Dorian Karchmar is an agent at William Morris Endeavor. She represents both fiction and nonfiction writers, including Amor Towles, author of the breakout debut Rules of Civility; Cathy Marie Buchanan (The Painted GirlsThe Day the Falls Stood Still); iconic filmmaker (GooniesHome AloneHarry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone) and author of the middle-grade fantasy series House of Secrets, Chris Columbus; New York Times White House correspondent, Helene Cooper, author of the memoir The House at Sugar Beach; and the New York Times bestselling, PEN/Hemingway winning novelist, Jennifer Haigh (Mrs. KimbleFaith). Dorian received her MFA in creative nonfiction writing from the University of Iowa and serves on the board of the Association of Author Representatives.

Darin Strauss is a recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship and a winner of the American Library Association’s Alix Award and The National Book Critics Circle Award. Darin Strauss is the author of the novels Chang & Eng, The Real McCoy, and More Than It Hurts You, and the NBCC-winning memoir Half a Life. These have been New York Times Notable Books, Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Amazon, Chicago Tribune, and NPR Best Books of the Year, among others. Darin has been translated into fourteen languages and published in nineteen countries. He is a Clinical Associate Professor at NYU’s creative writing program.


Want to learn more and meet Dorian and Darin? Come to the 20 Cooper Square, 7th Floor, on April 23, 2013 at 6:00 PM! RSVP on NYU CareerNet or here.